You Belong

Promoting the sense of belonging that exists within Hancock County.

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The Hancock County Leadership Class of 2022 is working in partnership with the Hancock County Cultural Humility & Health Equity Delegation for the annual project. The delegation is collected of local community members committed to establishing a Community of Belonging in Findlay and Hancock County through the development of a community framework focused on ensuring “accessibility of all things” and designing a “code of humility”. Together we are working to develop a campaign that showcases our community members and their unique experiences of belonging in Hancock County. As a community this is important to share Hancock County’s culture with others. Upon completion, success will look like a compilation of videos and stories from community members.

Community Research

Inclusity, a consulting organization focused on diversity and inclusion, conducted a series of interviews and focus groups with a variety of members of the Hancock County community, including (but not limited to) young professionals, members of the clergy, the school superintendent, high school students, the mayor, and community leaders. Through this process, we gained a solid understanding of the existing county climate, including barriers and opportunities that are relevant to the county’s efforts to become more welcoming and inclusive.

Research Findings

The people surveyed in general have a deep appreciation and love for this community. However, they expressed many concerns and fears about the community’s ability to meet this new challenge and embrace diversity and inclusion. They generally felt as though there is outright animosity toward both the concept of diversity and individuals who are out of the norm, but also feared that the failure to embrace diversity and inclusion will directly cause the community to shrivel. There was also a general sense that these changes need to be presented in a less threatening way. There were numerous ideas about how to make Hancock County more inclusive.


          • Tight-knit
          • Safe
          • Focus on tradition
          • Moving in right direction
          • Great leadership
          • Mental health support
          • (Some) Open-mindedness


          • Strengths are weaknesses:
          • Difficult for people to break in
          • Resistant to change
          • Stereotypes tolerated
          • Lack of accountability for bias
          • Lack of city council diversity
          • Segregation by social class
          • Diversity is a “liberal” idea

Full Data & Results

Tell Your Story…

If you would be willing, we would love to ask you a few questions about your experience living in Hancock County.


You can share your story of belonging in Hancock County by video or written story. These story topics can include, but are not limited to:

      • Are you originally from Hancock County? If so, why did you stay? If not, why did
        you come to Hancock County?
      • Why do you feel like you belong in Hancock County?
      • What can help make Hancock County feel more inclusive and welcoming?


Click HERE to upload your written or video story. Please be advised, You will be asked to complete a participation waiver before submitting your story. We suggest using a computer to share your story of belonging.

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