Mission Vision Values

“Driving growth and prosperity in the Findlay·Hancock County region.”
~Our Mission


We will have…

  • A value driven organization that is financially viable and operates with a balanced budget.
  • Appropriate programming and services to support small-to-large size businesses.
  • A vibrant downtown and surrounding community.

We will do…

  • Drive new business development as an outgoing catalyst of economic development for the benefit of the residents of the region.
  • Focus on retaining and expanding existing businesses.
  • Foster a strong collaborative environment which combines the expertise and ingenuity of the public and private sector for the benefit of the residents of the region.
  • Put our community, investors and visitors at the center of everything we do and create strategies to ensure that they have an exceptional place to live, work and play.

We will be…

  • Recognized as a preferred place to live, work and play.
  • A central resource for information and community to area businesses.
  • Involved in recognizing the Findlay·Hancock County community as a destination.


Integrity: Be transparent and honest, and deliver on our commitments

Excellence: Meet and exceed targeted levels of performance

Collaboration: Collaborate within the organization and with other community partners

Empowerment: Create an environment that empowers employees to take initiative and give their best

Innovation: Be open to change and be willing to find new ways to fulfill our mission

Discipline: Be efficient and well-aligned in our organizational approach