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We’re Nuts About You! – Dawn Rettig

customer-service-award-dawn-retting-0194Each quarter, the Chamber Ambassadors recognize outstanding customer service in our community. This quarter, we would like to recognize Dawn Rettig at Cartridge World as the recipient of our “We’re Nuts About You” Award.

Here’s what Dawn’s nominator said about her customer service experience:

“I purchased my ink refills from Dawn and a few weeks ago my printer was printing out my logo in green instead of black. thinking it was an ink issue I called Dawn for help. I explained what was going on and Dawn said I could bring the ink cartridges back to her to be weighed, however before I did that she wanted me to try running an ink test on my printer. Since I have never done that and didn’t know where to begin, Dawn took me through the procedure step by step over the phone. Dawn could have said, bring the cartridges up and we will weight them, instead she was conscientious of my time and offered an alternative. Turns out, her alternative worked! Thanks Dawn for saving me time and effort in running across town to have cartridges weighed that weren’t the problem anyway!”

Congratulations Dawn!